Little Darlings by Melanie Golding






Behind the hospital curtain, someone is waiting . . .

Lauren is alone on the maternity ward with her new-born twins when a terrifying encounter in the middle of the night leaves her convinced someone is trying to steal her children. Lauren, desperate with fear, locks herself and her sons in the bathroom until the police arrive to investigate.

When DS Joanna Harper picks up the list of overnight incidents that have been reported, she expects the usual calls from drunks and wrong numbers. But then a report of an attempted abduction catches her eye. The only thing is that it was flagged as a false alarm just fifteen minutes later.

Harper’s superior officer tells her there’s no case here, but Harper can’t let it go so she visits the hospital anyway. There’s nothing on the CCTV. No one believes this woman was ever there. And yet, Lauren claims that she keeps seeing the woman and that her babies are in danger, and soon Harper is sucked into Lauren’s spiral of fear. But how far will they go to save children who may not even be in danger?

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: This is a really hard book to review. – it was brilliant a 4 star read, I want to say I enjoyed it but I’m not sure it’s appropriate.

The beginning was very hard hitting, there’s a woman with 2 babies in her arms walking into a river about to dunk them underneath. The police are stood on the viaduct and all they can do is watch. My heart was in my mouth wondering what was going to happen next, but then obviously the epilogue ends and the story goes back in time a month.

Lauren is on her own in the hospital, she’s just given birth to twins and the nurses have sent her husband home.

She thinks she can hear someone in the bed next to her but when she looks there’s no one there.

Then she thinks someone is trying to abduct her twins, but when reported to the police they can find no evidence of the intruder. But Lauren is utterly convinced there is someone out to get her & her babies

This book was fast paced and absolutely brilliant,

We meet DS Jo Harper who despite being told by her superiors that the case had been dropped can’t seem to let it go, babies are a sore subject for her and she wants to do everything in her power to get the case solved.

There were so many twists and turns to this story that you’re left constantly guessing. Sometimes you’re sympathising with the main character and other times you just want to shout at her and ask her what on earth she is doing.

This book deals with very important topics in a delicate way, trigger warnings for mental health issues

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