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Today is my stop on the blog tour for Whatever you Are is Beautiful by Richard Blandford, thank you to Emma at Damp Pebbles for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 196

Synopsis:A mysterious illness, called HEROS, is sweeping America. It changes those afflicted, stage by stage, into super-powered costumed crimefighters.

Charlie was once one of Britain’s favourite TV personalities, known for sneering at the weirder members of society in his cutting-edge documentaries. But now, after a battle with cocaine addiction, he wants to go straight and show his caring side. A programme about this bizarre new disease may be a chance to get his career back on track.

As he films and interviews a number of people with HEROS, or Rosies, as they call themselves, Charlie gets close to many of them, perhaps too close, and starts to question his role as a neutral observer. This may well be a career-changing experience, but not in the way he imagined.

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧.5

My Thoughts: this book was a strange one 😂 but the writing was engaging and I was interested enough to need to see what was going to happen.

Hero’s causes any part of your body to fall off, instantly grow back but be different in some way, I couldn’t help but make comparisons between hero’s and MS as I know that if I have a relapse any part of my body can stop working & not be guaranteed to work the same when the relapse is over.

The book was short, but the story was very intricate and had lots of different levels, all of the people introduced had different issues caused by HERO’s not all of them negative!

The author has done a brilliant job of writing a story that is funny and serious in equal measure and also has a very strong underlying message!


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