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Today I’m on the book tour for Hope in Liverpool by T N Traynor, thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy

Pages: 260

Synopsis: A gritty romantic novella ~ where life isn’t always a bed of roses.
Can an alliance of convenience heal two broken hearts?
Liverpool, 1958. Hope Bennett longs to feel safe and wanted. Loyal to an alcoholic mother who gambles away all her hard-earned wages, she’s devastated by the announcement her family is moving and she’s not to follow. But her despondent plan to fling herself off the ferry and succumb to the freezing River Mersey is interrupted by a handsome older man.

John Walker expects to live out the rest of his days drowning in grief, isolated and lonely after the loss of his childhood sweetheart. When he spots a young woman in distress he is immediately drawn to help her.

Can the fragile dream of a better life out of the slums provide the security and companionship they both crave?

Hope in Liverpool is a deeply emotional foray into historical women’s fiction. If you like compellingly complex characters, light humor woven through heart-wrenching drama, and gripping romantic overtones, then you’ll adore T N Traynor’s poignant story.

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: This wasn’t a book full of romance and flowers, for quite a short book it was quite a difficult read in places!

Hope is the second youngest child of 4, she had an older brother, an older sister and a younger sister, but with an alcoholic mother who isn’t always around she may as well be the parent of the youngest! – life isn’t easy, but they make it work, she goes to work hut then most of her wages get taken by her mum to fund the lifestyle she’s used to!

Things happen which leave hope on her own and contemplating suicide, along comes John and gets her off the edge and offers her an arrangement that she can’t refuse!

Will it be what they expect? or will one or both of them be left wanting more?

This was such a story, one that was so easy to get lost in, I devoured it in one sitting and it’s left me what if to pickup the rest of the women of courage series!


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