#BOOKTOUR #REVIEW – No Safe Place by Robin Mahle – @InkubatorBooks @ZooloosBT #RobinMahle #ZooloosBookTours #NoSafePlace #prdgreads

Today I’m on the tour for No Safe Place by Robin Mahle, thank you to Zoé at Zooloos Book Tours for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 310

Synopsis: What she discovered will be the death of her.

Detective Rebecca Ellis has some big shoes to fill. Her father was the legendary detective, Hank Ellis, now retired from the Bangor Police Department. Emerging from his shadow hasn’t been easy.

So when she’s assigned to work with new hire, Detective Euan McCallister, Ellis is determined to keep their investigation right on track.

The explosive fire in a church parking lot looks straightforward at first. Claire Allen, a volunteer at the church, burned to death in her car. But then Ellis discovers the seatbelt had been rigged, trapping Claire in the inferno. This was no accident. It was murder.

Why was Claire at the church that night? Who would want her dead? In the race to find the truth, Ellis unearths a horrifying secret that takes the investigation into very dangerous territory.

Soon, Ellis will learn that in the search for this particular killer, there is no safe place

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: I do love finding a new police procedural/thriller series to get lost in.. but also hate it at the same time.. because you can guarantee it’ll add more books to my never ending tbr 😂

But after the opening book of the Rebecca Ellis series I can’t not keep up with it in future!

Fast paced with lots of moments that threw you off completely.. characters that made you feel like they had it all under control & a setting that makes feel totally uncomfortable.. even though you know it should be the opposite. What more could you want? – I know that’s very vague & I am not sorry, hopefully it’ll make you want to pick it up.

I will warn you this book involves the exploitation of children, or at least the mention of it and the ‘aftermath’ so if this is something you’re uncomfortable with then maybe avoid the book, but it’s dealt with in a very clever, sensitive way.

Thrillers don’t often get 5 stars from me anymore because I do feel they can be very similar.. but this one was different in a way I can’t explain and just threw me completely.


#BOOKTOUR #REVIEW – The Perfect Match by Dandy Smith – @DandySmith @Emblabooks@Tr4cyF3ntOn #CompulsiveReaders #ThePerfectMatch #prdgreads

Today I’m on the tour for The Perfect Match by Dandy Smith, thank you to Tracy at Compulsive Readers for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 308

Synopsis: Best friend or boyfriend, who would you believe?

Zara has always felt a little ordinary next to her spirited best friend Ivy. Even her dreams seem mundane: a boyfriend, marriage, children… Besides, who would pick her when they could choose Ivy?

So when Zara meets Henry and there’s an instant spark, she can’t believe her luck. A wealthy CEO who wants to settle down? He’s perfect. Until Ivy insists he’s too good to be true.

As Henry and Ivy repeatedly clash, doubts creep into Zara’s mind. Could it be that Ivy just doesn’t want to share her best friend with anyone else? Or does Henry have a hidden agenda? Zara is caught in the middle, constantly trying to prove who she loves more.

Then someone winds up dead, and Zara realises there’s more to this than jealousy…

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: this one took a while for me to get into, but believe me it’s worth the wait!

We’re following Zara and Ivy, they’ve been best friends since uni, they live together and so everything together, Zara can’t wait to fall in love and have everything that traditionally follows.

Ivy couldn’t think of anything worse, she would rather spend her time sleeping with married men, they’re complete opposites but it works.. until Zara meets Henry..

With Zara feeling like she’s found everything she’s ever wanted, she can’t understand why Ivy isn’t happy for her.

Full of secrets, lies and accusations, this one was difficult to put down. I genuinely couldn’t work out where the story was going and who was telling the truth.

The multi time line added a whole new level to the story because you knew something big had happened but you don’t know when or who was involved.

I can highly recommend the audio book, I ended up downloading it because I was so busy that I didn’t have time to sit and read and it made the whole thing just feel edge of your seat intense!


#COVERREVEAL – Bled out by Mark Simmons – @themarkasimmons @boypublishing @weareprovoco @hyggeboooktours #IYKYK #hyggebooktours #BledOut #prdgreads

Hey 👋🏼

Today I have a cover reveal for you! – and believe me it’s a good one. 🥵 but before I do that let me tell you all about the book and the author!!

Who has blood on their hands?
You’ll be on a knife edge…
Don’t Spill the Blood
What’s your number

The latest novel by Mark Simmons
Tense murder thriller that will delve into the mind of a killer. But who exactly is the killer?

About The Author:

Mark Simmons has been writing Horror recreationally since a young age, finding his inspiration from a cavernous backroom full of horror at his local video shop. Renting all manner of features, well before his age legally allowed him to do so.

Born and raised by North East parents on the coastline of Suffolk, England. He also found his creativity stimulated by the rolling countryside and coastal emptiness of East Anglia. He currently lives on the banks of the River Stour with his Epidemiologist wife, The Doctor.

When Mark is not bringing his demons to the page he has worked for the last ten years in various areas of the Television Broadcasting industry. He has helped to provide the world with the top quality viewing that it deserves.

Mark enjoys watching all manner of movies and TV shows, ranging across a number of genres. But his greatest affinity is to horror flicks, although he struggles to find anything that truly scares him these days.

He has a passion for classic and modern literature, and his love of the written word knows no bounds. Horror and sci-fi fantasy are the genres where he feels most at home within the pages, but as long as the storytelling is good he can appreciate all types of writing.

He also has an acute ear for music, particularly the Metal persuasion.

Football plays a small part in his life, playing a bit of 5-A-Side in his spare time and supporting a North East team of the Black and White striped variety.

He has published a trilogy of novels, Of The Night, Purged In Flame, & Raised From Darkness that are all available from Poe Boy Publishing.


I am excited for this one!!!


#BOOKTOUR #REVIEW – The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip; Self Driving Car by Beverly Clarke – @avachipbooks @hyggebooktours #avachipbooks #hyggebooktours #prdgreads

Today I’m on the tour for The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip: Self Driving Car by Beverly Clarke, thank you to Hannah at Hygge Book Tours for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 32

Synopsis: Ava and Chip are back in their second adventure learning about technology as they travel in a self-driving car through a smart city. Join the duo as they interact with technology, learn about how the car works and the impact of tech upon society.

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: now I know that as a 32 year old adult I am not the target audience for this book but I thought it was brilliant!

What a clever way to introduce children to the technology that now surrounds them, including them in the story so it’s not too overwhelming!

I really liked the fact that there were enough words on the page so that the older audience wouldn’t get bored, whilst also having boxes with just the main points and beautiful illustrations to help the younger readers understand.

I didn’t actually know a lot if anything about self driving cars, so I learnt a lot too!

A perfect book for the whole family to enjoy together ☺️


#BOOKTOUR #SPOTLIGHT – Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter – #boldwoodbloggers @BoldwoodBooks #DeathAtCrookhamHall @bookandtonic @MichelleASalter @rararesources

Today I’m on the tour for Death at Crookham Hall by Michelle Salter and I have a spotlight for you, thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising it and inviting me to take part.

Pages: 326


A fatal jump. A missing suffragette. An inexplicable murder.

London, 1920. For the first time ever, two women are competing against each other to become an MP. Reporter Iris Woodmore has a big story on her hands when she accompanies one of the candidates to the House of Commons. But it’s a place that holds painful memories. In 1914, her mother died there when she fell into the River Thames during a daring suffragette protest. Then, in the shadow of Big Ben, a waterman tells Iris her mother didn’t fall – she jumped.

Iris discovers that the suffragette with her mother that fateful day has been missing for six years, mysteriously disappearing just after the protest. Desperate to know the truth behind the fatal jump, Iris’s investigation leads her to Crookham Hall, an ancestral home where secrets and lies lead to murder…

About the Author: Michelle Salter writes historical cosy crime set in Hampshire, where she lives, and inspired by real-life events in 1920s Britain. The first book in her Iris Woodmore series, Death at Crookham Hall, draws on her interest in the aftermath of the Great War and the suffragette movement.

If you like the sound of this is can be bought here! And is also available on Kindle Unlimited.


#BOOKTOUR #REVIEW – A Distant Voice In The Darkness by Leela Dutt – @rararesources #LeelaDutt #ADistantVoiceInTheDarkness #RachelsRandomResources #prdgreads

Today I’m on the tour for A Distant Voice In The Darkness by Leela Dutt, thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 274

Synopsis: A chance meeting at university leads to a relationship that spans marriages, the world and the decades in this sweeping and fulfilling novel from acclaimed author Leela Dutt, a story that reaches from the British countryside, through the glamour of Rome and the exhilaration of India to the turbulence of the South African invasion of Lesotho. Through it all, Eleanor Larsen-Bruun pursues a successful career and yet never loses her love for the man she met so many years before. At the peak of her success, fate seems to offer the chance to begin again something that was started so many years before…

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧.5

My Thoughts: this is a lovely story spanning a couple of decades, of first love and the fact that when the heart decides what it wants you just can’t fight it..

We travel the world watching Eleanor and Alec fall in love & separate but then their paths continually cross throughout the book in the most unlikeliest of places.

The descriptions of the places were beautiful and made me want to visit them all so I can experience it for myself.

The story was told from both perspectives which I loved, because you got to see what both of them were up to during their time apart and experience the emotions and inside thoughts of both of them which gave the story a well rounded feel.

The story was a little too fast paced for me, things happened very quickly, you’d get used to one thing and then before you know it the tables had turned again which left me feeling like I’d missed something sometimes and I found myself going back a few pages just to double check!

Overall an enjoyable read and one I would recommend!


#BOOKTOUR #SPOTLIGHT – The Widow’s Walk by John Anthony Miller – @authoriamiller @Sölsticepublish @ZooloosBT #TheWidowsWalk #ZooloosBookTours

Today I have a spotlight for you to tell you all about The Widows Walk by John Anthony Miller ☺️

Synopsis: Cape May, N.J. 1976

When NYC editor Audrey Taylor finalizes her divorce, it seems as if her entire world has collapsed around her. And when she inherits a run-down Victorian mansion in a decaying N.J. beach town, it only seems to get worse. At least, until she finds the treasure map.

The Widow’s Walk is a tale of growth, self-discovery, and learning to appreciate all the good that life has to offer. A romance wrapped in a historical subplot, a mystery hidden in a centuries-old crime, it ties two unsuspecting people together to find a love that neither expected—which is far more precious than buried treasure could ever be.

About The Author:

John Anthony Miller writes all things historical—thrillers, mysteries, and romance.

He sets his novels in exotic locations spanning all eras of space and time, with complex characters forced to face inner conflicts, fighting demons both real and imagined.

Each of his novels are unique: a Medieval epic, four historical mysteries, two Cold-War thrillers, a 1970’s cozy/romance, four WWII thrillers, and the Revolutionary War spy novel, The Minister’s Wife.

He lives in southern New Jersey.

If this is something you like the sound of it can be bought here!


#BOOKTOUR #SPOTLIGHT – Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest for a Life by Brendan James – @hyggebooktours @brendan23015569#hyggebooktours

Today I’m on the tour for Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest for a Life by Brendan James and I have a spotlight for you.

Synopsis: Could there be a world of interest and adventure beyond the Midlands? A world of confidence, sex and excitement? A better life – a better me?’ These are the questions Gerard Philey grapples with over New Year, 1995. Sitting in his rented Black Country room, reflecting on his thankless teaching job and miserable love life, he courageously decides to abandon his humdrum existence and embark on a quest for Euro-fulfilment, fun and fitness on the Continent.

After a shaky start in Brussels, events manoeuvre him to Amsterdam where chance encounters shift his world well and truly into fifth gear. He samples the trials and tribulations of new relationships, alongside managing a sex shop in the city’s Red Light Area – on top of the challenges of fat-free living and international travel!

Through his bittersweet diary, we see how Gerard steers a laugh-out-loud course through farcical episodes and fanciful characters…and how entanglements from past and present draw him unwittingly into a criminal underworld where events ultimately take their toll.

About The Author: Brendan James is the author of the comedy novel, “Gerard Philey’s Euro-Diary: Quest for a Life”. Though this is his first novel, he has a large number of non-fiction publications (under the name Brendan Bartram) as a former university lecturer and researcher. A passionate linguist and Europhile, he spent a number of years working in the Netherlands, France and Germany. He lives in the West Midlands with his husband.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy it can be bought here !


#BOOKTOUR #REVIEW – Discovery of the 5 Senses by K.N. Smith – #KNSmith @ZooloosBT #DiscoveryOfTheFiveSenses #ZooloosBookTours #prdgreads

Today I’m on the tour for Discovery of The Five Senses by K.N. Smith, thank you to Zoé at Zooloos Book Tours for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 334

Synopsis: A suspenseful incident in a forbidden preserve heightens the senses of five friends. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become super-gifts that forever change the world. But furious battles confront the boys as they try to understand their sensory super powers in a race to save mankind. With light beings and mysterious strangers complicating their plight, will the boys defeat the evil Druth before it’s too late? Get prepared for the twisting and grinding of this award-winning, action-adventure story — an edge-of-your-seat narrative for young and mature readers alike.

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: just by looking at the cover you know you’re going to get an intense adventure from a close knit group of friends.

The lads all knew they shouldn’t go to the reserve but they go anyway what they don’t realise is that one trip will change their lives forever, but only they can devise wether it’s for the better or not!

The book almost read like a film, it was really easy to picture the scenes in my head which helped me get lost in the story!

The dynamics of the friendship group within the story was my favourite part, they were just so close knit, always had each others backs & weren’t afraid to tell each other when they thought they were out of order.. which made them stronger in the end.

As much as I enjoyed the story I wanted more from the bad guys 🤣 I wanted them to be badder so to speak, they just seemed too nice! – but then I guess at almost 32 years of age I’m not the target audience!

I would definitely recommend this one, it was a lot of fun.


#BOOKTOUR #REVIEW – Strays by Janeen Leese-Taylor – @InkAndSmudge @BlossomSpring3 @ZooloosBT #Strays #ZooloosBookTours #prdgreads

Today I’m on the tour for Strays by Janeen Leese-Taylor, thank you to Zoé at Zooloos Book Tours for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 306

Synopsis: A murder without evidence, a secret that could topple society and a cop with a bit of a coffee habit!

Three things were certain in the mind of Officer Theodore Night:
One: There’s a serial killer loose in Portstewart
Two: His new friend is a werewolf
Three: He’s in way over his head

When bloody paw prints at a crime scene leads Officer Night to consider the impossible, he must rely not only on his years of investigative experience, but on the local werewolf pack, for help.
An unlikely friendship gives Night the edge he needs to prevent an all-out war. Has Blair, the mysterious barista from Bean and Gone, caused him to bite off more than he can chew?

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

My Thoughts: this book had everything! – it’s been a while since I read a crime story that had had me hooked on the story, loving the main characters and having me laughing too!

We’re following Theo who had just taken a demotion from detective to a regular police officer so he can move closer to somewhere he feels he needs to be (the reason why is revealed later in the book no spoilers here 🤣)

And Blair, the local barista who as it happens turns out to be a werewolf and roped into helping Theo solve the case!

Families are being murdered and all the police have to go on are footprints, that are left by some kind of animal, but one far too big to be a domestic animal & a 13 year old boy who for some reason they can’t work out was left alive to tell the tale!

I instantly loved the dynamic between Blair and Theo, there was sarcasm, humour and banter oozing off the pages and I think I had a smile on my face every time the two of them interacted!

Obviously things don’t go smoothly and they happen to end up on the bad side of a lot of werewolves (that’s putting it lightly..)

This book really did have me on the edge of my seat & I’m sitting here hoping that it’s the start of a new series 🤞🏼🤞🏼