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Today I’m on the book tour for The Break by Daniel Hurst, thank you to Zoé at Zooloos Book Tours for organising it and inviting me to take part and thank you to the author and the publisher for my copy.

Pages: 230

Synopsis: It seems like a lovely little house. But it has dark secrets…

Karen is a busy wife and mother. Between work, her husband Peter, and their two children, Oscar and Noah, she doesn’t have a minute to herself.

So when it all begins to feel too much, Karen knows just what she needs – to get away for a little while. Nothing big. Just a short break.

Her friend, Eve, tells her about a quaint little holiday home, and Karen books herself a short stay. She’ll have time to read, take bubble baths, unwind. Perfect.

But this is no ordinary holiday home – it contains a dark and disturbing secret. Because Karen isn’t alone here – someone is watching her. Waiting for the right moment to spring the trap and plunge her into a nightmare she’ll never forget.

My Rating: 🐧🐧🐧.5

My Thoughts: this was a good solid psychological thriller, that in places kept me guessing, but in others was a little predictable.

We’re following Karen who is still struggling to forgive her husband for cheating on her in the past, they have 2 young boys together, but again Karen feels like she’s left to parent them on her own, she does the cooking, the cleaning, the school pickups and drop offs and everything else in between, she sometimes feels like all Peter is good for is finding the screwdriver when their son locks himself in the bathroom.. Is this really any way to live your life?

She’s decided she needs a break her friend Eve has the perfect solution, a little house not far from them where she can disappear for a night or 2 and just forget all her responsibilities! – sounds like heaven right? little does she know that staying there could be the biggest mistake she’s ever made.

I loved Karen as a character, she was strong willed and independent, not afraid of confrontation but also had a softer more vulnerable side that we see a couple of times.

Peter just seemed lost, like he didn’t really know what he wanted and wasn’t brave enough to come forward and just admit how he was feeling.

They both get tricked by different women and neither one knows about it, it won’t be long until it all comes crashing down.

As I said at the beginning some parts of this story were predictable, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it just took some of the ‘magic’ away for me.

I also felt the ending was a little rushed, we had this big slow build throughout the book which was brilliant and then the big climax was done within 5-10 pages.

I’d definitely recommend this though if you’re a fan of the genre!


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